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An architectural lighting design studio

Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton


lightSPACE is an architectural lighting design studio within SMP Engineering that specializes in the play between Light and Space, Place, People, and Emotion.

Our creative, collaborative design approach explores the physical, economic, social, and environmental conditions of any project; embraces constraints as opportunities; provides high-value consultation for all to benefit. We apply this ethos to projects of all scope, scale, and description to best bring any Space to Light.

We collaborate with clients to bring their visions to life; as lighting designers, we support and enhance the goals of any project across a diverse variety of applications. From public spaces to corporate offices, hospitals and recreation centres to art galleries, theatres, and amusement parks: We bring a sense of drama that balances taste and functionality to your unique space.

Our Vision

lightSPACE seeks to become Canada’s premier architectural lighting design firm that successfully competes internationally for signature projects of note, merit, and scale.

Glenmore Dam Rehabilitation Calgary, AB


How do we design light?

Our roots are based in live performance lighting design and we carry this creative experience and energy into all of our projects; this is at the core of what we do.

We approach the lighting of spaces and places as complex puzzles requiring unique solutions. Helping us determine how to solve the puzzle is you; we place the highest value on asking you questions and keenly listening to your answers.

With your input we access that which sets us apart – our understanding of light. How it behaves and interacts within space, what it means to the people it surrounds.

lightSPACE’s creative collaborative approach leads to design solutions that best integrate your needs and wants while providing unique industry excellence.

Let's face it, lighting technology is complicated. Over the past two decades lighting has transitioned from analog to digital and along the way many myths and misunderstandings have built up. It can be difficult to know how to assess lighting products and their appropriateness for your spaces.

lightSPACE possesses the knowledge and experience to act as your guides. We dispel myths, understand the technical complexities and limitations, and compare products in detail to determine the best balance of effect, need, and cost for your projects. We pride ourselves on being able to communicate our findings to you in a real manner without all the jargon to ensure you understand our recommendations for your places.

Finally, we do not sell lights in any way. We are product agnostic and best able to provide evaluations and advice without concern for sales margins.

One of the clear fundamentals of lighting is that they can turn on and off. What is not so clear is how and why.

lightSPACE recognizes that lighting controls are an ever-complicating piece of design technology and we hope to act as your guide to determining the best options for your projects. We approach this determination from the end user outwards; our ethos is that a lighting control system that cannot be understood by the people interacting with it is useless. Be it simple wall switches and dimmers or full building automated systems we seek to ensure the system works for you.

Working together, lightSPACE and you, we will be able to arrive at the lighting controls that fit the needs of your space and its people.

As every space is different in both physical construction and intended purpose the short answer is - it depends. The long answer is to hire professional lighting designers who bring experience, knowledge, creativity and answers to the question.

Through our collaborative design approach, lightSPACE seeks to understand your project’s needs and wants. We apply creative approaches to set you apart while balancing consideration for building codes and standards, and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) light level recommendations. Our designs are then explored, tested, and verified with industry leading lighting calculation software such as AGi32, ElumTools, and Vectorworks.

To answer again, let lightSPACE guide you, and your whole design team, to the right light levels for your spaces.

The ancient adage “the only constant in life is change” applies to buildings and their lighting systems as well. What once was current technology and style is now showing its age. Not only that, but outdated lighting systems cost you more money than they should; they require more power to function, they do not deliver higher rental premiums, and they do not provide the space users with a quality lighting experience.

lightSPACE has the experience and ability to help assess your existing space and recommend options for improvement. We utilize various tools such as Lighting Quality Audits, Lighting Energy Audits, and Return on Investment Reports to apply metrics to our investigations and provide understanding to our recommendations.

Our goal is to ensure you gain a full picture of how your current lighting system may be holding you back and what options exist to change for the better.

It can be difficult to envision what light in a space will look like. It is especially hard when the space itself does not exist yet; “Seeing Is Believing” is lightSPACE’s answer.

Depending on your project’s scale, complexity, and scope we can offer multiple methods to help everyone understand the intent and impact of our lighting designs. From basic 3D computer model images to advanced detailed fly-through models your space’s lighting can be explored and considered prior to construction. Additionally, powerful mock-ups wherein lighting products are tested in the real world to verify their effects can be executed to give all stakeholders the opportunity to feel the impact.

All lighting designs require drawings, but not all drawing requirements are the same. lightSPACE can provide drawings that are suited to fit your project scale and scope. Be it a small renovation where only basic information is required, or large complicated structures needing in-depth detailing – we can provide.

As we are a design studio within a larger electrical engineering firm, we have access to professional production staff capable of taking on any project size. We work in Bluebeam Studio, AutoCAD, and the Revit suite of programs to generate the appropriate design documents your project requires.

lightSPACE is nimble and filled with high capacity; try us on for size.

National Music Centre Calgary, AB


For every project, lightSPACE employs creative thinking from an artistic/design-based background, high level competency and experience, and over 30 years of lighting design practice to our clients. This creative excellence in combination with our in-house engineers and electrical designers makes SMP the only firm in Alberta to be able to offer complete start to finish lighting design at a significant advantage to our clients.

Our collaborative experience as designers allows us the ability to anticipate client needs - before the project has even broken ground. This cross-functionality gives our lighting designers real-time feedback as projects progress, supporting their creative efforts and reducing time spent responding to project challenges.

Our core in-house specialty lighting studio is supported by additional technical specialists in each of our offices throughout Alberta, all of whom possess knowledge of lighting technologies and control strategies that enable the evolution of unique, yet practical solutions throughout the design process. This access to in-house expertise and increased capacity at a moment’s notice means lightSPACE has the ability to handle any challenge brought forward, while maintaining the standard of excellence our projects are known to deliver.

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